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I became an oral surgeon because I prefer challenges, strive for continuous learning, and use my skills to help patients. Long years of experience, constant improvement and advanced technologies help to guarantee the best treatment results. During my career, I have successfully placed about 7,000 implants. My mission is to share this knowledge with future professionals in Lithuania and abroad.

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I have been working as a dentist-oral surgeon for 13 years. I mainly focus on dental implant procedures. I continuously adapt and improve new, effective treatment methods. I am proud to say that German dental implant manufacturers trust me to test and review new dental implants and other products.

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Thanks to many years of practical and theoretical experience, I can plan and predict the exact results of any treatment. I have expert knowledge; thus, I want to help young specialists gain new skills faster and become confident implantology professionals.

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2010 03 01 - 2010 03 19 Followed courses include: orthognatic surgery, maxillary sinuses lift operations, implantation procedures, bone augmentation procedures, TMJ prosthesis surgeries. Institute of Dentistry, University of Oulu, Finland.

2011 03 12 - 2011 03 19 Followed courses include: orthognatic surgery, maxillary sinuses lift operations, implantation procedures, bone augmentation procedures. University of Glasgow, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery, Scotland.

Congresses and courses

2006 12 01 "Direct restaurations of front and back teeth". Lecturer - Doc. Dr. Sergey Radlinsky.

2007 11 11 - 15 "Stomatological implantology". Lecturer - DDS. PhD. Oleg Surov.

2008 05 23 - 25 International congress of odontology.

2008 05 15 - 17 "Oral implantation. Osseointegration". III Ukrainian International Congress. Kiev.

2009 06 12 - 13 "Thoughtful Look to the Nowadays Problems in Oral Implantology". Baltic Osseointegration Academy, Congress.

2009 06 25 - 27 "Apply of different implants and methods in atrophy problems". III International Caspian conference of oral implantologists. Baku, Azerbaijan.

2009 11 28 "Dental implantation - improve together". Baltic osseointegration Academy.

2010 09 10 - 11 "New Achievements in implant Dentistry". Baltic Osseointegration Academy.

2011-04-30 "Druskininkai 2011". Baltic Osseointegration Academy.


From 2008 Member of Lithuanian Society of odontology.

2008 - 2009 National association of aesthetic odontology, head of organisational committe.

From 2008 Member of National association of maxillofacial surgery.

From 2010 Member of ICOI ( International congress of oral implantologists).


2007-10-10 Prosthetic Rehabilitation of a Bone Defect with a Teeth - Implant Supported, Removable Partial Denture Published in “Stominfo” and "Stomatologija" – magazines for dentists.

2007-12-05 Rehabilitation of Maxillary Edentulism With Implant- Supported Milled-Bar Prostheses

2008-02-17 The Possibilities of Using One Stage Implants in the Imposterior.

- The use of autogeneous soft tissue graft from the palat for vertical soft tissue augmentation during submerged implant placement: a case series Imantas Vatėnas DDs. Tomas Linkevičius, DDS, Dip Pros, Ph

- One abutment one time vs repeatable abutment disconnections in implants, restored with cemented / screw retained fixed partial dentures: marginal bone level changes a systematic review and meta - analysis. Imantas Vatėnas DDs. Tomas Linkevičius, DDS, Dip Pros, PhD